Local Notices to Mariners

Local Notices to Mariners are issued by the harbour master on a regular basis to inform mariners of any operations or works taking place in the harbour which may affect the safety of navigation. These are distributed to all the marine operations involved in the harbour area, as well as adjacent harbour masters, local marine offices and notice boards at harbour access points.

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Commercial Charges 2021
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Poole Harbour Commissioners Report 2018
Pilotage Directions V5
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Recreational Charges 2021
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Local Notices to Mariners

2021 16 Poole Bay 100 Powerboat Event
2021 15 Parachuting
2021 14 Parachuting
2021 13 Poole Bridges Lifting Schedule
2021 12 Poole Harbour Speed Limits
2021 11 East Looe Channel
2021 10 Poole Bay Beach Management Scheme Update
2021 09 South Hook Buoy
2021 08 COVID Marine Update
2021 07 Poole Bay Beach Management Scheme
2021 06 Parachuting
2021 05 Poole Bay Beach Management Scheme
2021 04 South Hook Buoy
2021 03 Temporary Bridge Lifting Schedule
2021 02 COVID Marine Update
2021 01 Local Notice to Mariners in Force
2020 42 Poole Bay Beach Management Scheme
2020 40 Harbour Control Hours of Operation
2020 35 Lifting Bridge Times
2020 34 Poole Harbour Speed Limits
2020 27 Personal Watercraft in Poole Harbour
2020 26 Kite Surfing General Direction
2020 25 Waterskiing
2012 10 Traffic Signals Byelaw
2012 42 Commercial Diving Authorisation
2012 43 Hot Work Authorisation
2013 07 Passenger Boat Reporting Procedures
2013 36 Displacement Effect
2013 08 Pollution Reporting
2014 05 Controlled Vessel Movement
2014 10 Kill Cords
2014 11 Lifejackets are Useless Unless Worn
2015 12 Harbour Control VTS Designation
2015 14 Restricted Visibility Routine
2016 16 Boscombe Reef
2016 24 Clearance for Moving in Poole Harbour
2018 07 Registration of Small Commercial Craft


Policies and Publications

Annual Marine Safety Report 2021
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Annual Marine Safety Report 2020
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Annual Marine Safety Report 2019
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Wrecks Policy

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