Harbour Works Licence

Jetties, Slipways, Pontoons and Sea Walls


Application form

Fee structure

  • Under the Poole Harbour Act 1914, amended 2012, the Commissioners have jurisdiction below the line of Mean High Water of Spring Tides (MHWST), and structures in that area require a Harbour Works Licence.
  • Major schemes are subject to review by the Commissioners. Please contact the Harbour Engineer’s Department prior to putting in an application.
  • Licences for structures already in place are personal to the Licensee and are not transferable. Should you purchase a property with a structure below the line of mean high water you will need to apply for a change of ownership licence.
  • Most of the Harbour foreshore is designated for nature conservation because of the number and variety of bird and plant life it supports. Due to these designations, applications for new structures in certain areas around the Harbour are unlikely to be approved. Please contact us for further information.
  • More details regarding the environmental aspects of the Harbour can be found in the Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plan http://www.pooleharbouraqmp.co.uk/.


  • Dredging works also require a Harbour Works Licence. Please contact us for further information.

For further information regarding Harbour Works Licences, please contact
Harbour Engineer’s Department
01202 440234
Email: harbourengineer@phc.co.uk