Yacht Racing

Poole Harbour is a fantastic place to carry out exciting yacht and dinghy racing events. The scenic view and strong winds mean the harbour is the perfect setting for a competitive race that will make for a memorable day out. Races can be set up at any time and courses can be flexible, even passing through the harbour entrance or across shipping channels. If this is the case though, we suggest that you consult with Poole Harbour Control for advice on shipping movements to avoid interference.

Of course, we want you to enjoy your race without having to worry about potential hazards. For this reason, we advise helmsmen to be wary of competing vessels and not take any action that violates the IRPCS Rules so as to gain a tactical advantage. We have worked hard with the Poole Yachting Association to agree on a Memorandum of Understanding that encourages safety within the harbour, particularly for racing events. With these precautions in place, you can enjoy your race at Poole Harbour without having to worry.

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Photo of a yacht racing activity in poole

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