PEC Application

With a few exceptions, Pilotage is compulsory for all ships navigating within Poole Harbour Commissioners jurisdiction. The following vessels are subject to compulsory pilotage except where the vessel is under the control of a Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) holder or the vessel is in Government Service.

– All vessels of 50 metres or more in overall length

– All vessels of 30 metres or more in overall length, or 10 metres overall beam, carrying more than 12 passengers

– Commercial vessels with an overall length of between 30metres and 50 metres, carrying dangerous goods or hazardous substances.

Non Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) holders shifting between berths should contact Harbour Control on channel 14 to seek clearance and requirements in accordance with our Pilotage Directions.

Pilotage Exemption Certificates (PEC)

Pilot Exemption Certificate are available to the bona fide Master or Deck Officers of vessels greater than 50m in overall length calling regularly at Poole, or trading within the harbour. The certificate is issued subject to the applicant being able to satisfy the Competent Harbour Authority as to their skill, experience, local knowledge, knowledge of the English language and medical fitness. Certificate holders must always conform to all local pilotage requirements.

How to apply for a PEC

To apply for a Pilot Exemption Certificate, download our Poole Pilotage Manual. This contains the necessary forms and information to assist with your application and study.

PLEASE NOTE: Only a Bona Fide Master or Deck Officer the vessel(s) applied for may hold a Port of Poole Pilotage Exemption Certificate.

Pilotage Exemption Certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue. Applications for renewal should be made in good time – see our Annual PEC Renewal Form

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