Port Waste Management Plan

All vessels using the port (other than those with approved exemptions from the MCA) must include waste disposal on their CERS forms

Mandatory environment charge for port waste

All cargo vessels calling at the Commissioners’ facilities at the Port of Poole shall pay a mandatory ‘environment charge’ under the Port Waste Reception Facilities Regulations 2003 as amended, whether they use those facilities or not. Special arrangements exist for passenger carrying vessels and ferries. The charge includes the costs for the provision of general landfill garbage (non-hazardous) and international catering waste facilities only. All other waste stream arrangements must be made through the vessel’s shipping agent at their cost. It is the port’s policy to recover the costs incurred in the provision of waste management for vessels. This environment charge is regularly reviewed to take account of actual costs of the provision of waste reception facilities and their management including the administrative costs involved. Vessels can apply for an exemption from some of the requirements of the port waste reception regulations. Ships so entitled should apply to the Maritime Coastguard Agency in accordance with MGN 387, who will then advise PHC if a vessel operating in Poole has received such an exemption. Further information can be found in the Port Waste Management Plan.

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