Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

If you’re planning to water ski or wakeboard, Poole Harbour is the perfect location for you. Our designated water ski area is in the Wareham Channel and measures around two thousand metres in length, with the width varying from three hundred to six hundred metres. Whilst in this area, marked by yellow buoys, water skiers are exempt from the speed limit.

Permits are required for water skiing within the harbour, these can be easily purchased online or obtained from the harbour office. Harbour dues are payable in addition on each boat.

Water skiing boats must have a minimum of two people aboard the boat, one of whom acts as a lookout astern. Boats should circuit the area in an anti-clockwise direction and avoid getting too close to each other.

Please note, the use of inflatable towed toys pose a significant hazard to other users within the harbour, and indeed to the person on them should they be thrown into the water. These inflatables are prohibited from use anywhere within the harbour. They may be towed out to sea for use outside the harbour entrance providing they are not manned during the transit.

It is also prohibited to Water Ski or Wakeboard behind a Personal Watercraft within the Harbour.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the LNTM for Water Skiing to ensure you enjoy your time in the harbour.

Please contact us by phone on 01202 440 200 or by email at pooleharbourcommissioners@phc.co.uk