Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) ’Shoreline Clean Up and Assessment Technique’ (SCAT) intensive operation continues today.

Since the start of the process, 58 km of shoreline has been assessed. We have received over 200 reports from five teams feeding into our Emergency Response Centre. PHC continue to monitor the harbour by helicopter, drones, boat and shore patrols.

Latest reports show that the oil continues to dissipate, however some oil has come ashore in a small number of areas and PHC is in the process of clearing up these areas as and when recorded.

There have been a limited number of reports regarding oiled birds, however we are unaware of any bird fatalities at this stage, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

Water and shellfish sampling is being carried out in Poole Harbour and we continue to monitor any impact on the environment. Key stakeholders in the fishing industry have been contacted.

As a precaution, the public are advised that they should still avoid using Poole Harbour for recreational purposes – including the hand gathering of shellfish – and continue to avoid bathing at beaches within Poole Harbour until further updates become available.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council has raised signage at Rockley Park, Lake Pier, Hamworthy Park, Baiter Slipway, Whitley Lake (Kite Beach) and the slipway at Lake Road to ask visitors not to swim in these areas until further notice.

Signage has been put up by Dorset Council along the Studland beaches, Knowle Beach, South Beach, Ferry Road and Shell Bay asking visitors not to not to swim in these areas until further notice.

In the event of local landowners discovering fluid or oil on their land and or near the foreshore, Poole Harbour Commissioners should be contacted on pooleharbourcommissioners@phc.co.uk for assistance.

We ask that members of the public do not try and help with the clean-up at Poole Harbour, specialist trained teams are working hard on the ground.

It is unlikely that there will be any long term health effects from short exposures (eg days). Anyone who has come into contact with the spill should wash immediately with soap and water for ten minutes. If eyes have come into contact with the spill, they should be rinsed with water. Anyone who has been exposed to fuel oil and is feeling unwell please contact NHS 111 or seek medical attention from your GP.

PHC would like to extend its appreciation to all the organisations who are assisting us with this operation.

Jim Stewart, CEO Poole Harbour Commissioners