Poole Harbour Commissioners are delighted to announce the completion of the updated Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plan, a unique multi-stakeholder plan to promote the safe and sustainable use of Poole Harbour, and to guide current and future management of the Harbour.

This updated version of the Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plan has consolidated and updated its previous iterations (1994, 2006 and 2011), and the 1998 Poole Harbour Management Policies, and has drawn on many other current planning and guidance documents.

This document is a non-statutory Plan produced by the Poole Harbour Steering Group, a voluntary partnership made of Poole Harbour Commissioners, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, Dorset Council, Environment Agency, Marine Management Organisation, Natural England,  Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority and Wessex Water Services Ltd.

Captain Brian Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Poole harbour Commissioners, said: “Poole Harbour is a truly unique place, recognised nationally and internationally for its ecological value and environmental designations. This Plan represents best practice in bringing together key stakeholders to agree strategies for protecting such an important asset whilst recognising the importance and value of the commercial and recreational activities.”

Cllr Vicki Slade, Leader of BCP Council, said: “I am pleased that this plan has been updated and that we can work together to protect nature and ensure that those who want or need to use it for their livelihood, for leisure or for tourism can do so safely and effectively. Poole Harbour is a truly special place and we must work together for its best interest.”

Cllr Spencer Flower, Leader of Dorset Council said: ““On behalf of Dorset Council, I fully support the Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plan which sets out sustainable use of the Harbour going forward. The Plan achieves a careful balance between commercial and recreational uses of the Harbour which make a significant contribution to the local economy and community, while also securing the long-term nature conservation of this internally recognised and ecologically important site.”

The full document can be found on Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plan | Poole Harbour Commissioners (