Clear up of Whitley Lake Shoreline

Clear up of Whitley Lake Shoreline

Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) have joined the fight against litter at Whitley Lake following a surge in visitor numbers.

A large influx of visitors to the Whitley Lake area in Sandbanks over the Easter Bank Holiday has unfortunately resulted in an increased number of antisocial behaviour reports including prolific littering. Following the reported incidents over the weekend, PHC has announced that they will step in and “do their bit” to help with the clean-up.

Captain Brian Murphy, Harbour Master, Poole Harbour Commissioners, said: “It is hugely disappointing to see the damage caused, and we’re always happy to step in and do our bit. Irresponsible littering presents potential dangers to harbour users and wildlife. I would appeal to everyone to help by not littering and disposing of their waste responsibly.

“Ownership and therefore the responsibility for the area affected by the weekend’s antics is something we regularly receive questions about. Clearly, everyone using this or any other area of foreshore has a responsibility to tidy up after themselves.

“At Whitley Lake, PHC does not own the foreshore above the High-Water mark. We do however, arrange beach clean-ups for areas that we do own.

“Above the High-Water mark, the responsibility falls to the landowner and unfortunately in this case, I understand that there is no registered landowner for the beach in question.

“In these who owns what, who is responsible for what situations, PHC and BCP Council will collaborate to resolve an issue to benefit the community.”

Today a PHC team was dispatched to help clean up the area

Today a PHC team was despatched to clean the area. A local resident that has been involved in the clean-up stopped to talk to them and said “The PHC team on the beach today are a credit to the Harbour Board. I hope to see them again”