Shipping Movements

Read below for details on the latest vessel movements in the harbour for the week commencing Monday 22nd Apr 2024

Please note this page is updated weekly each Friday and remains likely to change due to delays, cancellations or short notice bookings. Always listen on VHF Channel 14 for notice of imminent or underway movements (at least 15 minutes will be given before departure from berth or entry into the Swash Channel). For further advanced updates on timings of movements, you can contact Harbour Control on 01202 440 230 or

    Trinity20/04/2024 22/04/2024 New QuayCargoChannel Islands
    Barfleur-20/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryCherbourg
    Liberation-20/04/2024 09.458RoRo2FerryChannel Islands
    Liberation20/04/2024 19.5521/04/2024 10.30RoRo2FerryChannel Islands
    Barfleur20/04/2024 20.3021/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryCherbourg
    Pelican20/04/2024 23.0021/04/2024 04.00RoRo3CargoBilbao
    Liberation21/04/2024 21.4022/04/2024 11.15RoRo2FerryChannel Islands
    Barfleur21/04/2024 21.4522/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryCherbourg
    Liberation22/04/2024 21.2524/04/2024 12.15RoRo2FerryChannel Islands
    Barfleur22/04/2024 21.4523/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryChannel Islands
    JSP Samso23/04/2024 23/04/2024 New QuayCargo-
    Bellsund Fin23/04/2024 24/04/2024 South QuayCargo -
    Barfleur24/04/2024 07.0024/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryCherbourg
    Pelican24/04/2024 10.0024/04/2024 15.00RoRo3CargoBilbao
    Liberation24/04/2024 22.2526/04/2024 06.30RoRo2FerryChannel Islands
    Trinity25/04/2024 25/04/2024 New QuayCargoChannel Islands
    Barfleur25/04/2024 07.0025/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryCherbourg
    Barfleur25/04/2024 21.4526/04/2024 08.30RoRo3FerryCherbourg
    Liberation26/04/2024 16.40-RoRo2FerryChannel Islands
    Barfleur26/04/2024 21.45-RoRo3FerryCherbourg