Read below for details on the latest vessel movements in the harbour for the week commencing Monday 10th Aug 2020
    Liberation-15/08/2020 09:45RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Liberation15/08/2020 18:45-RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Pelican15/08/2020 10:0015/08/2020 16:00RO/RO3FerryBilbao
    Trinity Seaways15/08/2020 17/08/2020 New QuayFerryChannel Islands
    Celtic Venture16/08/2020 18/08/2020 BALLAST QUAYCargo-
    Astra16/08/2020 19/08/2020 South QuayFerry-
    Liberation-17/08/2020 11:30RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Rapide17/08/2020 13:1017/08/2020 14:10RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Liberation17/08/2020 20:30-RO/RO 3FerryChannel Islands
    Pelican18/08/2020 20:0018/08/2020 23:59RO/RO3FerryBilbao
    Trinity Seaways20/08/2020 20/08/2020 New QuayCargoChannel Islands
    Liberation-20/08/2020 06:00RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Liberation20/08/2020 15:00-RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Liberation-21/08/2020 06:30RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands
    Liberation21/08/2020 15:30-RO/RO 2FerryChannel Islands

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