JB-115 takes shelter at the Port of Poole

JB-115 takes shelter at the Port of Poole

Every now and then we see a visitor in the harbour that attracts a little attention. That has certainly been the case with the arrival of JB-115.

Built-in 2009, Jack-Up Barge 115 (JB-115) is a self-elevating ship built for the offshore industry, predominantly used for wind farm and oil rig maintenance repairs.

Vessel, crew, and escorting tugboats arrived at South Quay on Sunday 23rd August to take shelter from the elements before they continue their onward journey to Morecambe field.

Captain Brian Murphy, Harbour Master at Poole Harbour Commissioners said “Wherever possible we’re always happy to provide a safe haven, whether it be for a Super Yacht, Ship or even a Jack-Up Barge! We wish the vessel and crew a safe onward passage”.

The Port of Poole boasts a first-class suite of services and facilities to suit all visitors needs.

Ships of up to 210 metres (689ft) in length and with a draft of up to 8.7 metres (28.5ft) can use the port thanks to our deep-water facilities on South Quay which opened in 2018.

For further information about our services or berth availability, please contact our Marine and Port Director: marine-portdirector@phc.co.uk