Future Development


The Poole Harbour Commissioner’s Master Plan sets out the strategy and proposals for the future development of the Port over the next 20 years.
The Master Plan was reviewed in 2011 and the revised plan was released in 2012. We welcome your feedback.


  • At 10,000 acres it is one of the world’s largest natural harbours.
  • We charge one of the lowest Harbour Dues for leisure boats along the South Coast
  • It is one of the largest Trust Ports in the UK with approximately 1.25 million tons of cargo and around 400,000 passengers.
  • Annually there are more than 5,000 commercial shipping movements within the harbour.
  • In the last five years we’ve reduced our operating costs by £3 million.
  • Poole Harbour and the Port of Poole have one of the best safety records in the UK.
  • Poole Harbour Commissioners do not receive government funding or assistance from the tax-payer. In order to carry out all our varied roles and responsibilities, we have to generate revenue from harbour dues for commercial and leisure vessels, from charges for loading and discharging commercial ships and through land rental.
  • This helps us finance projects such as building quays, dredging, or buying essential assets such as cranes, forklift trucks and pilot boats.
  • We also manage bank loans, pay business rates and pay corporation tax just like any other business.
  • As we do not have shareholders, we reinvest any surplus back into the port and the harbour.
Ballast area in Poole Quay