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Poole Harbour Approach Channel Deepening and Beneficial Use Scheme

Environmental Impact Assessment
Borough of Poole Council as lead Coast Protection Authority and Poole Harbour Commissioners as Harbour Authority have completed an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for the joint project to deepen the approach channels of Poole Harbour and use some of the resulting dredgings for beach nourishment on beaches in Poole Bay.

Earlier in 2004 the initial Scoping Study for the EIA was made available for consultation.

The harbour works (environmental impact assessment) regulations 1999

Poole Harbour - channel deepening
The Poole Harbour Commissioners have applied to the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), under Section 34 of the Coast Protection Act 1949, for consent to deepen and improve the approach channels through Poole Harbour that give access for commercial shipping to the Port of Poole.

In accordance with Regulation 6(3) of the Harbour Works (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 1999, the Poole Harbour Commissioners have been directed by the Secretary of State, to supply an Environmental Statement.

Background to the scheme
In order to improve access for vessels, the Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) are proposing to deepen the approach channel to the Port of Poole by 1.5m, to a declared depth of 7.5m below Chart Datum (CD). The deepening is necessary for several reasons. Primarily, a deeper approach channel is required to meet the needs of modern ferries, the majority of which now have a minimum draft of over 6.5 metres. In addition, the proposed dredging would also allow the Port to retain and possibly increase the existing number of conventional vessels that currently utilise it. Such vessels are continuing to increase in size as older vessels are scrapped because goods can be transported more economically through the use of larger vessels. Another potential benefit of the proposed dredging is that it would provide opportunity for a greater proportion of cruise ships to access the Port. In summary, therefore, approach channel dredging is proposed to accommodate the general trend towards larger vessels and in order to secure the long term viability of the Port in a safe manner.

It is proposed that all suitable material arising from deepening the approach channel would be used beneficially for beach nourishment (i.e. coastal protection) at Poole, Bournemouth and Swanage. The coast protection authorities for these areas are Borough of Poole (BoP), Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC) and Purbeck District Council (PDC), respectively, and these authorities are the promoters of beach nourishment works within their jurisdiction.

The remainder of the material arising from the approach channel deepening (i.e. that portion unsuitable for beach nourishment works) would be disposed of at a nearby offshore disposal ground. The proposed disposal ground is located at a depth of approximately 20m off Swanage (termed the Swanage disposal ground); PHC have utilised this site for the disposal of dredged material from Poole Harbour for more than 50 years. The site is now largely used for the disposal of silty material that is dredged from Poole Harbour during routine maintenance works (typically, sandy material from within the Harbour and approach channel is now used for beach nourishment). However, historically, this disposal ground has, been used for the disposal of material arising from capital dredging works that have been undertaken within Poole Harbour and its approaches, as well as for the disposal of material arising from dredging in Weymouth.

In summary, the scheme comprises three components; approach channel deepening, beneficial use of dredged material in the form of beach nourishment and the offshore disposal of dredged material.

The Environmental Statement and its supporting information are now available for consultation. These will be submitted in support of the necessary approval applications to the Department for Transport (DfT) and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

A copy of the information supplied to the Secretary of State under Regulation 4(1) together with the Environmental Statement may be inspected by members of the public at Poole Harbour Commissioners, Harbour Office, 20 New Quay Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4AF, during normal office hours.

The documents will be open to inspection until 7th January 2005. The Environmental Statement and associated documents may also be obtained, for so long as stocks last, from:
Poole Harbour Commissioners
Harbour Office
20 New Quay Road
Dorset BH15 4AF

and costs as follows:

Non Technical Summary - No charge
Environmental Statement including supporting documents - 120
Full documentation on CD - 10

Or be downloaded from the document links below.

The following supporting documents to the applications are reproduced below in .pdf format and are downloaded using Adobe Reader V5 or later:

Environmental statement - Non-technical summary
Contents (187k) download pdf
1 Introduction (241k) download pdf
2 Description of proposed scheme (2252k) download pdf
3 Consideration of alternatives (102k) download pdf
4 Overview of existing environment (185k) download pdf
5 Summary of hydrodynamic and sedimentary (772k) download pdf
6 Overview of key impacts (290k) download pdf
7 Potential for cumulative impacts (110k) download pdf
8 Implications for designated status (85k) download pdf
9 Project appraisal framework for ports (130k) download pdf
10 Proposals for monitoring (103k) download pdf
Environmental Statement
Contents (210k) download pdf
1 Introduction (3745k) download pdf
2 Description of Scheme (8236k) download pdf
3 Hydrodynamic & Sedimentary Regime (4997k) download pdf
4 Sediment Quality (1598k) download pdf
5 Water Quality (7810k) download pdf
6 Marine & Coastal Ecology (5953k) download pdf
7 Marine & Coastal Ornithology (4267k) download pdf
8 Coastal & Terrestrial Ecology (127k) download pdf
8 Figure 8.1 (4731k) GRAPHICS Please be patient download pdf
8 Figure 8.2 (3902k) GRAPHICS Please be patient download pdf
8 Figure 8.3 (3826k) GRAPHICS Please be patient download pdf
9 Fish & Shellfish resource (223k) download pdf
10 Fishing Activity (3442k) download pdf
11 Commercial & Recreational Navigation (177k) download pdf
12 Archaeology & Heritage (174k) download pdf
13 Recreation & Leisure (123k) download pdf
14 Noise & Vibration (133k) download pdf
15 Air Quality (160k) download pdf
16 Geology, Landscape & Visual Setting (124k) download pdf
17 Infrastructure, Land Drainage etc (291k) download pdf
18 Traffic & Transportation (133k) download pdf
19 Socio-Economics (106k) download pdf
20 Summary of Potential Impacts (208k) download pdf
21 Potential for Cumulative Impacts (123k) download pdf
22 Implications for Designated Status (177k) download pdf
23 Project Appraisal Framework for Ports (135k) download pdf
24 Proposals for Monitoring (108k) download pdf
Appx 1 (654k) download pdf
Appx 2 (340k) download pdf
Appx 3 Part 1 of 3 (638k) download pdf
Appx 3 Part 2 of 3 (6434k) download pdf
Appx 3 Part 3 of 3 (8720k) download pdf
Appx 4 (2028k) download pdf
Appx 5 (157k) download pdf
Appx 6 (84k) download pdf
Appx 7 Part 1 of 2 (1089k) download pdf
Appx 7 Part 2 of 2 (9906k) download pdf
References (168k) download pdf
Download Acrobat reader download pdf